2018 Men's SOCC Invitational

  • Men
  • May 13 to May 14, 2018
  • 2 Rounds
  • Hosted by Southwestern Oregon CC @ Bandon, OR
  • Players Entering Scores for Round 2
  • Weather for Round 2 Overcast 61.1 F (16.2 C) Wind From the WSW at 6.0 MPH
  • Bandon Dunes Golf Resort - SOCC Invitational Rules: USGA Rules will govern all play except where modified by a local rule sheet. Bandon Dunes Golf Professionals will serve as rules officials for this event. Code of conduct in accordance to the NWAC Rule #10 will be in effect. (Note). Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is very busy during this time of year. With that we will be enforcing a pace of play. On the scorecards we will designate how much time it should take each group to play each hole. We will have multiple check points set up throughout the round. If a group does not get to the check point on time everyone will be assessed a penalty shot. This will happen at each checkpoint. If the group finishes the round and has made up the time, penalty strokes will be removed.- Jeff Simonds

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