SDSU's March Mayhem at The Farms  #SDmayhem

  • Tournament Status: Complete
  • Women
  • March 20 to March 22, 2017
  • 4 Rounds
  • Hosted by San Diego State University @ San Diego, CA
  • 2017 SDSU's March Mayhem at The Farms


Fresno StatevsPepperdine
Mimi HoThru 15Momoka Kobori5&3
5 upGuðrún BjörgvinsdottirThru 13Katherine Zhu
Kristin SimonsenThru 13Tatiana Wijaya6&5
Yifei WangThru 15Patricia Wong4&3
2&1Joanna KimThru 17Hira Naveed

Pepperdine 4 Round Stats

Stats are re-calculated every 5 minutes.  Does not include stats from those playing as individuals.

Par 3s3.27
Par 4s4.07
Par 5s5.20
Round 4 To Par
Team Totals+1+1+5E+2E+1+1EE+2-2-2-1+1+1EEEE+10
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